Math-Bio Journal Club Fall 2018

Meeting Time

F 9:00-10:00am, LCB 322 (fishbowl)


Date Presenter Paper Snacks
August 31 No meeting
September 7 Jake Berger, F., Klumpp, S., & Lipowsky, R. (2018). Force-dependent unbinding rate of molecular motors from stationary optical trap data. Trent
September 14 Amanda Korolev, K. S. (2015). Evolution Arrests Invasions of Cooperative Populations. Physical Review Letters, 115(20). Jake
September 21 Kees Drawert, B., Griesemer, M., Petzold, L. R., & Briggs, C. J. (2017). Using stochastic epidemiological models to evaluate conservation strategies for endangered amphibians. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 14(133), 20170480. Amanda
September 28 Kimberly Donnelly, P., & Tavare, S. (1995). Coalescents and Genealogical Structure Under Neutrality. Annual Review of Genetics, 29(1), 401–421. Kees
October 5 Hyunjoong Turing, A. M. (1952). The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 237(641). Kimberly
October 12 Fall break
October 19 Tess Hassell, M. P., & May, R. M. (1973). Stability in Insect Host-Parasite Models. The Journal of Animal Ecology, 42(3), 693. Hyunjoong
October 26 Mitchell Abbott, L. F., & van Vreeswijk, C. (1993). Asynchronous states in networks of pulse-coupled oscillators. Physical Review E, 48(2), 1483–1490. Tess
November 2 Claire Fogelson, A. L., & Kuharsky, A. L. (1998). Membrane Binding-site Density Can Modulate Activation Thresholds in Enzyme Systems. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 193(1), 1–18. Mitchell
November 9 Kate Ludwig, D., Jones, D. D., & Holling, C. S. (1978). Qualitative Analysis of Insect Outbreak Systems: The Spruce Budworm and Forest. The Journal of Animal Ecology, 47(1), 315. Claire
November 16 Ann Adler, F. R., & Kotar, M. (1999). Departure time versus departure rate: How to forage optimally when you are stupid. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 1(4), 411–421. Kate
November 23 Thanksgiving break
November 30 Alex Kermack, W. O., & McKendrick, A. G. (1927). A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Epidemics. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 115(772), 700–721. Ann
December 7 Trent Mackey, M., & Glass, L. (1977). Oscillation and chaos in physiological control systems. Science, 197(4300), 287–289. Alex